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Recent research published by the UNC School of Medicine in the Journal of Clinical Investigation proves that CBD can be beneficial in the management of Angleman syndrome – a neurological condition characterized by brain rhythm dysfunction and seizures.  The FDA also recently approved Epidiolex® - a plant-based CBD drug – for the treatment of seizures associated with two major epilepsy syndromes. Preliminary research has also shown encouraging results in the use of CBD to treat epilepsy in dogs and cats.

These major milestones, along with evidence from several reports and laboratory studies have shown that CBD can potentially help to control seizures in both young and old alike. The use of CBD in the treatment of seizures becomes more important when we consider a scary fact which states that ‘as much as 30% of patients do not respond to conventional seizure medication and treatments’ 

CBD has generally been proven to have anti-epileptic, anti-psychotic, and anti-anxiety effects. While CBD might not be ideal for everybody because of its interaction with other drugs, it can be highly beneficial as it can be used to treat seizures in children, reduce the pain and other symptoms associated with seizures, while removing the potential for dependency or side effects associated with long term use of substances for epilepsy and seizures. 

Because seizures can be potentially life-threatening, extra care and steps must be taken if you decide that CBD is the best way to go. CBD should ONLY be considered after extensive consultation with your doctor, and after a thorough evaluation of all possible treatment options.

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