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The answer to this question ideally depends on the insurer or the insurance company. With the increasing acceptance and legalization of CBD-based products for medicinal use in different states, the only real way to be sure about this is to check with your insurer. This is especially important if you did not test positive for THC when you took out insurance. Perhaps you picked up CBD oil as a medicinal remedy and it is legalized in your state, but are unsure about the insurance company’s stand regarding CBD, making the inquiry is imperative. 

At the federal level, cannabis is still a schedule 1 controlled substance, meaning it is currently not fully sanctioned for use due to its psychoactive content (THC). The implication of this is that you will have to pay for it at a dispensary. While there are some insurance brokers or companies that are lenient with CBD usage, you must find out if their policies accommodate the usage of cannabis. Also, it is important if purchasing the insurance from these companies is not going to put a strain on your finances as they may possibly offer higher rates for CBD users. Take due caution to explore the suitability of the companies’ policies for you while being open about your cannabis usage. The company will run medical checks so you must prepare to disclose the extent of your dependency or medical use of CBD. Drug tests will show traces of THC if you are using full-spectrum CBD products. You can always seek out other companies if you are unsatisfied with the services rendered because of your revelation of CBD usage. To best enjoy the services of any company that is open to CBD, you must be prepared to disclose your reasons for using CBD (medical), the frequency of usage (daily or occasional), managing pain, etc. This is because if your initial drug tests show no trace of THC, it is possible that over time the buildup of THC from CBD metabolism may appear in subsequent drug tests.

For a CBD user, the premium may be higher if the insurance company decides to cover CBD usage. It is important to take the time to seek out the best company and insurance package for you. Overall, you will be better off seeking out a company that will be open to CBD and has an understanding of the technicalities of CBD usage. Research and inquire from your insurance company about their stand on CBD usage. It will save you a lot of headaches when you are sure.

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