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A number of sources substantiated that CBD oil may be helpful for acne, which occurs when sebum from skin glands convey dead skin cells to the root of the hair follicle causing inflammation. CBD oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. However, the effectiveness of CBD may vary marginally depending on the nature or extent to which acne has manifested in a person. Acne is a common skin condition in humans as it happens to everyone at some point on occasions or on a frequent basis.

CBD oil can potentially help treat different types of acne due to its ability to regulate the creation of sebum in the body. Sebum is a waxy, oily substance the skin makes which primarily protects our skin. However, when it mixes with dead skin cells, dirt, or other contaminants, it gets entrapped inside pores and as a result, turns into acne. Many other factors influence acne asides excess sebum production, such as hormonal imbalances, genetics, diet, stress levels, and some medications.

Researches have explored the effects of CBD on sebocytes (sebum-creating cells), establishing that CBD prevented these cells from producing excess oily sebum and also revealed that the CBD oil activates anti-inflammatory reaction in the cells thereby preventing inflammatory cytokines from being activated. Acne may be caused by cytokines so reducing them may help prevent further inflammation.

In conclusion, while the initial outcomes of various researches on CBD oil or cannabis products as anti-acne skincare routine are encouraging, further human trials are still required for the use of CBD to effectively treat acne.


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