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Our CBD Water-soluble soft gels are special CBD soft gels made to improve bioavailability when ingested, delivering as much CBD as possible within record times. Because emulsified CBD oils cannot dissolve in water, they are manufactured using a mechanical process that converts CBD oil into tiny nanometer droplets, effectively increasing the surface area of the compound that can interact with its surroundings. An all-natural surfactant is usually used to reduce the surface tension between the oil and the liquid and the finished product offer a wider range of benefits over their oil counterparts. 

Normal bioavailability and absorption of CBD are usually below 10%, and that means that 90% of your consumed CBD cannot be utilized and is passed out as waste. But with the improved soft gels, bioavailability can be increased by as much as 400%, and you’ll have to consume 1/4th of the standard dose to get the same effects. This also allows us to reduce wastage, costs, and environmental footprint in general.

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