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Cannabidiolic acid is a cannabinoid like CBD and THC. It is a phytocannabinoid that has no psychotic influence, and it may be confused with cannabidiol (CBD) but they have some variations. There are limited instances of CBDA being explored. However, there are facts to consider about CBDA to understand its potency. CBDA is a precursor to CBD. The synthesis of cannabinoids progress from CBGA, which in turn is converted into CBDA. Further synthesis of CBDA results in CBD.

The uses of CBDA that have proven to be effective range from treating inflammations to counteracting cancer cell growth. CBDA works in a similar manner to CBD by stimulating serotonin receptors (5-HT1A) which helps to reduce nausea and the impulse of vomiting. This effect is particularly helpful for cancer patients as chemotherapy treatment have nauseating side effects. Some instances of CBDA usage indicated that it inhibits nausea more effectively compared to CBD. CBDA also acts to prevent inflammation through the inhibition of the COX-2 enzyme, which produces prostaglandins that cause inflammations. CBDA works in a selective manner to control anxiety and shock. Its ability to act similarly to an antidepressant also presents CBDA’s ability to reduce depression.

Some studies have shown CBDA to possess viable anticonvulsant properties. This enables CBDA to treat seizures. Because of its bioavailability, the body easily absorbs CBDA. This enables CBDA to eliminate symptoms of seizures quickly when ingested. CBDA is usually available in hemp oil, mostly as a supplement. It is not often available as a separate compound. 

Despite the instances of CBDA’s effective actions, there is more to explore to benefit from its full potential. It is potent, but as always, consultation with experts is key when contemplating to adopt it for medicinal purposes.

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