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CBGA (Cannabigerolic acid) is a cannabinoid precursor of the cannabis plant. It is essentially the most important of the cannabinoids as the production of other cannabinoids depends on it. Cannabinoid lines are produced from the reaction of CBGA. The main cannabinoid that results from this reaction are tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), and cannabichromenic acid). The conversion of CBGA is usually into THC, CBD, CBC, and in a few cases CBG. The ingestion of CBGA helps to control inflammation, prevent harmful bacteria, and boost bone formation. CBGA has no psychotic effect compared to (THC). Cannabis strains with high CBGA content possess the ability to produce CBD.

CBGA has several health benefits when applied. It treats certain diabetic symptoms such as cardiovascular diseases. Some heart-related diseases resulting from oxidative stress can be treated with CBGA as it inhibits aldose reductase, which is the causative enzyme.  The potency of CBGA in treating these conditions is greatly determined by the concentration of its administration. CBGA holds the advantage of little to no side effects over synthetic medication. 

CBGA is effective in managing metabolic disorders. Metabolism is controlled by certain peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) which are influenced by CBGA to ensure their optimum function. Through the stimulation of these PPARs, CBGA helps to prevent the accumulation of excessive lipid, thereby increasing lipid metabolism. CBGA facilitates the interruption of certain cancerous cell growth. This cytotoxic action of CBGA stimulates the death of cancer cells.

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