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Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid but unlike CBD and THC, it is not a naturally occurring cannabinoid. It is created from the breakdown or degradation of THCA. CBN derived from cannabis is usually low in quantity compared to other major cannabinoids. There is certain evidence that supports its effectiveness in treating cancer, stimulating appetite, as an analgesic, treat seizures, etc.

CBN works to stimulate appetite and enhance consumption. Unlike THC, which equally helps to stimulate appetite, CBN does not have a psychotic effect. CBN will be useful for managing health conditions, especially the ones with symptoms such as appetite loss e.g. chemotherapy. Similar to many cannabinoids, CBN possesses anti-inflammatory properties, helping with pain relief. Its capacity to relieve muscle pain and other forms of pain emphasize CBN’s analgesic use. It can be used for treating pain without the side effects that accompany common opioids. CBN has the capacity to treat skin lesions, such as psoriasis by inhibiting the production of keratin. Some studies indicate the potency of CBN in treating glaucoma by effectively reducing intraocular pressure. The reduction of this pressure prevents further damage to the optic nerve, ultimately preventing imminent blindness. CBN is rated to be the most potent cannabinoid for battling insomnia, thereby enhancing sleep. There are instances of CBN being used and observed to reduce certain tumor growth, particularly for lung cancer. CBN possesses antibacterial properties as well, helping control the growth of harmful bacteria that may result from infections or illnesses.

The use of CBN for treating or managing any condition may be done by administering CBD in full-spectrum or broad-spectrum forms. This is because all cannabinoids including CBN are present in full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD contains CBN and many other cannabinoids (excluding THC). Tinctures of CBD oil are more effective for analgesic applications. In the instance of treating skin conditions, CBD-based creams are best for administration.

Understanding the nature and properties of CBN is crucial to evaluate its potential for treatment in any capacity. It is imperative to seek expert opinion when considering the usage of CBD, especially for its CBN contents.

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