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Pectin is a sticky substance usually found in the cell walls of plants. Its main component is galacturonic acid, a form of sugar oxidized from galactose. Pectin is also known to be a soluble dietary fiber, which can help to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

CBD gummies usually have a chewy texture and that texture can either be derived from gelatin or pectin. While pectin’s texture provides a tenderer chew, gelatin provides a firmer chew with more elasticity and chewiness. 

Pectin is derived from a variety of plant-based sources including apples, apricots, oranges, cherries, carrots, rose hips, and citrus peels. 

We prefer pectin when making CBD gummies for a couple of reasons;

  • Pectin is derived entirely from plants while gelatin is derived from animal parts, making pectin a vegan-friendly ingredient. Since CBD users are usually people who care about their health, we decided to give them the best possible treatment by incorporating the finest of ingredients that can be taken by both vegetarians and omnivores alike.

  • Pectin is known to create a fast flavor release, a feature that is extremely desirable.

  • Our products are made from high methoxyl pectin, which doesn’t melt when exposed to higher temperatures, allowing you to effectively travel with your CBD without the fear of having your gummies melt or go bad.

  • Finally, Pectin is also known for its ability to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer, manage gastroesophageal reflux disease and diabetes, support proper functioning of the intestine, and help to mitigate several other conditions.

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