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Herx reaction defines the recurrence or relapse of the symptoms of an illness. It manifests in various forms, such as fever, nausea, vomiting and night sweats to perspiration. Herx reaction explains the worsening of a patient’s symptoms and ailments during treatment before finally healing. There are cases where patients using CBD for treatment experience recurring symptoms or side effects. These cases are essentially herx reactions resulting from CBD use. 

 Herx reactions can be spotted when there are incidents where symptoms like the flu manifest in people who took CBD. Herx reactions may seem debilitating, but they are healthy reactions indicating the elimination of pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The seemingly nasty symptoms herx reactions give off are essential indications of the immune system reacting to the toxins being released by the body. These toxins are gradually expelled from the body but at a rather slow rate, making the body react negatively until they are completely expunged and the symptoms wear off. The toxins sometimes create some symptoms that are distinct from the sickness being treated. Overall, they signify the effective interaction of the treatment in the body. The effects or symptoms of herx reactions persist for days up to a week in some cases. For example, inflammations are the body’s response to healing after an affliction or injury, defending it against invasive entities like viruses and bacteria while repairing damaged tissues, all pointing to the body healing. There are several ways to help the body manage the effects of herx reactions. Frequently drinking water and staying hydrated helps rid toxins faster. Detoxifying also helps, by bathing using Epsom salt in a warm bath. You can get deep tissue massage to loosen the congestion of toxins in the muscles. 

It is not widely common to experience herx reactions due to CBD use. However, some people may slightly feel herx reactions while taking CBD. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties are useful in managing herx reactions. It is crucial to understand that if you feel any of the signs of herx reactions while using CBD, you need not be alarmed as it is an indication that the treatment is in effect. The body is simply fighting the ailment!

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