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The pain females feel during their monthly period, also known as dysmenorrhea is quite unbearable for some women. While there have been reports of remedies to menstrual cramps, the available remedies have limited efficiency, and also exhibit negative side effects like gastrointestinal pain and heart problems. CBD is widely revered for its potency for relieving pain and acting as an anti-inflammatory compound. 

CBD produces potent anti-inflammatory effects by influencing endocannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. This characteristic effect of CBD offers a good choice for women experiencing severe pain when undergoing their period. CBD provides pain relief without the devastating side effects. Menstrual cramps result primarily from uterine contractions as the muscles tighten and relax during the process of shedding the uterine lining. These contractions are the cause of the abdominal pain experienced by women undergoing their periods. In some cases, women experience irregular inflammations, tumors, endometriosis, etc. This makes uterus contractions difficult during monthly periods. CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that can influence the hormonal compounds (prostaglandins) to activate uterine contractions, reducing the pain of the contractions. CBD’s analgesic properties are helpful in regulating the pain of contractions in the abdominal cavity, acting as a potent relaxant. 

There are several testimonies to support the viability of CBD in treating pains and aches that accompany menstrual pain. The relief that accompanies the administration of CBD to treat menstrual cramps could compel people to reach the verdict of adopting it as a treatment regimen. However, consulting a physician before usage or adoption for treatment is the best and safest option for any individual considering CBD as a treatment for menstrual cramps.

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