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People often confuse the effects of CBD with that of THC because CBD has historically been associated with marijuana, and most people also believe that CBD can induce drowsiness, the ‘couch lock’ effect, and the sedentary effect due to this association. While CBD is generally considered to work as a sleep aid, it isn’t known to directly induce sensations of tiredness or drowsiness. High doses of CBD can potentially modulate adenosine pathways in the brain, – the chemical that deactivates the neurons that keeps us awake – but normal doses have been proven to have no such effects. 

Some people still notice feelings of sleepiness after using CBD, so it is important to understand the mechanism of action of the phytocannabinoid to better explain how it works. Sleep deprivation can be caused by underlying diseases or medical conditions, but most cases are usually caused by anxiety, pain, eating habits, and stress, and can be corrected by making smaller changes to lifestyle and habits. CBD directly interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is commonly known for its role in the regulation of the functions that can affect our sleeping habits – including appetite, mood, and pain. After ingestion, CBD helps our brain deal with stress better and induces feelings of relaxation which leads to the ability to fall asleep faster and wake up more relaxed, improving sleep quality along the way. 

Because CBD doesn’t directly trigger or induce sleep, your body’s reaction to CBD is highly dependent on your dosage, mode of ingestion, and time of day (due to its ability to restore the circadian rhythm). This means that CBD will ease stress and relaxation, and can induce feelings of sleepiness at night. At the same time, the exact same dose of CBD will not make you feel tired or drowsy during the day, and can actually help you remain focused and alert. This makes CBD safe for use by people who operate machinery or require full concentration at their workplaces.

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