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There has been a lot of speculation recently about the efficacy of off-the-shelf products in the prevention and cure of Covid-19. Everybody is interested in acquiring knowledge to better protect themselves from the virus, and there are also a few people worried about whether their current medications could increase or decrease the risk of contracting Covid-19

CBD is an anti-inflammatory drug, and its mechanism of action against Covid-19 is quite unclear. Because its role is already well defined, doctors haven’t recommended the use of CBD in the cure or prevention of Covid-19. Instead of CBD, we are seeing a resurgence in the use of Acetaminophen to tackle [i]the virus-induced fever and stabilize the patient.

While studies on this novel strain of coronavirus are still ongoing, there is currently no proof that CBD can help to mitigate risk or effects. However, social media is currently abuzz with news of people claiming to have boosted their immune system with cannabis and derivatives of hemp. There is sufficient data to show that CBD could improve the functioning of the immune system and manage autoimmune diseases and conditions, but claims of CBD curing COVID-19 patients is being exaggerated as there is no credible human study or proof to show that CBD has any impact on any form of the coronavirus.  

Extensive research has also been conducted over the years to determine if vitamin cocktails can prevent/cure several illnesses over the years. Examples of cocktails used over the years include the anti-oxidant vitamin cocktail which contains vitamin E, beta-carotene and vitamin C and is said to reduce the risk of heart disease and contribute to the proper functioning of the circulatory system; another is the coenzyme Q10 that was said to prevent statin-induced muscle damage. However, proper studies[ii] showed that results were inconsistent at best.

The theoretical attraction of CBD

Few experts suggest that CBD products may experience an increase in sales as most people familiar with the use of the product stock up on the product. Covid-19 exhibits flu-like symptoms such as fever and coughing so people tend to believe in the idea that CBD can cure coronavirus, as it relieves fever and pain. Also, CBD has anti-inflammatory effects in humans and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been recommended to curbs some of its symptoms such as fevers, pains, and aches.

Orally administered CBD has been known to reduce the effect of certain auto-immune disorders in patients leading to the idea that CBD can boost the immune system to prevent the virus. These notions are quite dangerous and nothing could be further from the truth. Covid-19 is a novel strain that hasn’t been extensively studied before, and it is important to treat new strains of viruses with utmost caution. Medical personnel and governmental agencies constantly warn the public against any form of self-medication relating to Covid-19. The best prevention against the rampaging virus currently is to adhere to all WHO safety guidelines, federal regulations, and seek immediate help when distressed.

Coronavirus health and safety orders

Since the spread of the coronavirus has become a worldwide pandemic and all claims of CBD curbing the effect of the virus has been refuted, it has become vital that we limit our movements and any form of social gathering to curb the spread. To achieve this aim, we have to take some safety measures that include;

  • Stocking up every essential, from food supplies to cleaning agents for at least 30 days. It is important to stock up for a longer lockdown period if you’re financially able to do that. This allows you to limit risk, exposure and trips to stores within this period.

  • Try as much as possible to wash your hands regularly as soap dissolves the outer protein shell and renders the virus inactive. It isn’t always convenient to wash your hands, so it is necessary to carry a hand sanitizer with preferably 70% ethanol or isopropanol content. It is also important to avoid touching your face or biting your nails.

  • Stop sharing blunts, joints, and bongs. It's a culture among smokers to pass joints around while in a gathering. But passing joints around in this period is not healthy and could improve the spread of the virus.

  • Practice social distancing and stay at home. This is to reduce your chance of coming in contact with the virus. To curb the spread, many governments implemented a stay at home order. Reduce your number of trips outside the house, so create a strategy to make it to the store once a week and work from home if you can. Every form of social gatherings should be put on hold at the moment.

  • If you're worried that you're beginning to show multiple signs of the coronavirus, you should contact the Center for Disease Control in your locality and describe your symptoms and movement history in detail.

Beware of COVID-19 symptoms

Emergency lines are currently stretched at the moment and it is important to not become part of the problem. Most symptoms of Covid-19 also present themselves for several other conditions and it is important to think clearly when evaluating your symptoms before escalating. Do you have more than one of the typical symptoms? Have you traveled to a high-risk area recently? Have you been recently exposed to carriers or sick people?

Don't jam up emergency lines if you're not confident of your situation, but you can get yourself tested if you think you fit the criteria of symptoms which include;

  • High fever (over 101)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry Cough

Note that regions with current spread change by the hour and it is becoming popular among local communities.  If you have come in contact with any patient or gone to an infected area, then you need to;

Have a quarantine plan

This plan involves notifying the CDC and going into self-isolation for two weeks while you wait for the results of your Covid-19 test. If you have family members without any symptoms, it is important to self-isolate in a room with limited contact to prevent the spread to your immediate family. The CDC has some recommendations for those who stay at home with a suspected case of coronavirus, you can check it out on their website to get properly informed [iii]

COVID-19's effect on CBD product supply

The supply of CBD products during this period will likely slow down due to the economic constraints caused by the spread of the virus. Production of CBD products across the world has hit dramatically low levels, and logistics also remains a major bottleneck during this period. Can you ship products out, Brian? This will determine how I’ll finish up this section

Can I get a CBD or Medical Marijuana Supply during this period?

Most states have recognized medical marijuana as an essential part of health care and have designated a medical marijuana supply center that has remained open during this period. If you are a medical user of marijuana or CBD products, you should be able to get a supply center close to you to purchase your products. It is important to use the home delivery method when available, and observe all safety regulations if you absolutely have to go to the store yourself. It is also important to purchase enough products to last you weeks, reducing the need for frequent exposure.

How CBD helps during this coronavirus period

While CBD hasn’t been proven to be the Covid-19 killer it was initially labeled as, it could help us maintain their physical, and mental well-being. Lots of CBD product brands are pushing their products at this time to help people maintain a balance in their overall well-being as they sit at home. CBD companies during this period are also donating a certain percentage of their proceeds towards the fight against Covid-19.

Examples of these brands include Beam, who are offering discounts on their products to medical professionals placing orders online, and also donating 10% of their net sales to a food bank. Crazy Calm, a CBD coffee company based in Austin, Texas, is donating all its profits from online orders to an NGO providing healthcare professionals with medical resources. Smile, a CBD gummies company is donating towards the UN COVID-19 response fund. These are the little ways through which CBD is offering to help with the COVID-19 spread. 


Taking any CBD product with the mind of reducing or curing COVID-19 is a dangerous game, and might even be deadly in the long run. However, research is still ongoing for a cure/vaccine and scientists are working day and night to find a cure. Let's try to minimize the spread of misinformation and take preventive measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Remember, the best cure right now is prevention!




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