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Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: What’s the Difference?

With so many hemp products hitting the market across the United States, people often ask us is hemp oil the same as CBD oil?

The 2018 Farm Bill made the cultivation of industrial hemp and manufacture of hemp products legal across the United States. While this is fantastic news for hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products, it has also allowed unscrupulous sellers to take advantage of inexperienced buyers that aren’t sure about the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. 

While CBD oil is a relatively new product to enter the health and beauty market, hemp oil has been around for years. Hemp oil is sold in a variety of different health food stores, and you’ll find hemp oil in beauty products and also health foods. 

Unfortunately, clever labeling and clever use of words on labels are leading many people to buy hemp oil under the assumption that they’re getting CBD oil. 

Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil? 

To understand the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil, let’s first take a look at what CBD is and where CBD oil comes from. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main cannabinoids found in both the hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD has no psychoactive properties and won’t get you high. 

Both hemp and marijuana plants belong to the cannabis Sativa plant family, but each has its own unique properties. The biggest misconception many people have is that marijuana and hemp are the same plants. 

  • Marijuana Plants – Marijuana plants are high in THC and low in CBD. CBD products made from marijuana plants often contain higher amounts of THC. 

  • Hemp Plants – Has to have less than 0.3% THC to be legally considered hemp and be lawfully sold within the United States. Hemp plants have a variety of manufacturing purposes, including clothing, ropes, insulation, fuel, and much more. 

  • Hemp Seeds – Hemp seeds have no THC. They also contain almost no CBD. Hemp seeds have been used for years as a food and health product.

How do cannabinoids like CBD interact with our bodies?

When you take CBD oil the cannabidiol interacts with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Everyone has an ECS regardless of whether or not they have ever had any cannabis products. It’s believed that the ECS is responsible for homeostasis or maintaining balance and harmony in our system. 

The ECS is made up of a series of receptors that are spread throughout the body and central nervous system. When you use cannabidiol products, the cannabinoids replace the endocannabinoids that our bodies naturally produce. The cannabinoids bind with the receptors in the ECS causing a chemical reaction or message to be sent. 

Why are people using hemp oil?

Does hemp oil have CBD? No, in most cases, it contains no CBD or trace amounts so small that they’re almost unmeasurable. Both hemp oil and CBD oil are utilized in health and beauty products. Hemp oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and helps to prevent your pores from becoming blocked which leads to acne and skin conditions. 

This is why hemp seed oil is such a popular additive to many health and beauty products. It’s a natural substance that contains no cannabinoids such as CBD or THC.

Research into CBD oil is still ongoing, as it’s relatively new but has a lot of potential in health and wellness applications. Studies have shown that CBD potentially helps with acne, sensitive skin, rashes, eczema, anxiety, psoriasis, pain relief, nausea, and much more. 

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil for Anxiety 

While many people promote hemp oil or hempseed oil as an anti-anxiety treatment, there isn’t a lot of medical studies into effectiveness. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence from people that claim hempseed oil works, but not a lot of fact-based evidence. CBD, on the other hand, is proving through medical studies to be a promising natural alternative to anxiety medication.

So, when people ask what is better, hemp oil vs. CBD oil for anxiety, CBD comes out as a clear winner. Let’s take a look at some of the studies into CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety:

  • A small study into CBD in 2010 found that cannabidiol could help reduce the symptoms people experience with a social anxiety disorder. People involved in the study took CBD while having their brains scanned. The scans revealed that blood flow to areas of the brain which are linked to anxiety was altered. 

  • Another study in 2011 looked at the way that CBD could help to reduce the effects of social anxiety linked to public speaking. It found that people that took regular doses of CBD were better able to face their fear of public speaking. 

  • A 2014 animal study found that CBD has both an antidepressant and also anti-anxiety properties.

  • In 2015 there was an extensive analysis done of past CBD studies to determine if CBD could be an effective treatment for anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. While the report concluded that CBD showed a lot of potential as a treatment for anxiety conditions, it also noted that there wasn’t a lot of data about the long-term effects of the use of CBD.

The misleading marketing tactics being used to sell hemp seed oil.

While there are some reliable studies linking CBD to a variety of different health benefits, there aren’t a lot of factual studies that link hempseed oil. The 2018 Farm Bill may have allowed people to legally grow and produce hemp plants and products, but unfortunately, it’s also led to some unscrupulous companies attempting to cash in. 

While CBD oil and hemp seed oil come from the same plant, it’s the mislabeling of products and lack of consumer education which is causing many of the issues. Many people incorrectly assume that hempseed oil contains CBD and some product labeling does nothing to prevent this misconception. 

CBD oil is much more expensive than hemp seed oil. It takes a complicated extraction process to remove the CBD from hemp plants. Supercritical CO2 extraction methods are the safest and most efficient. However, it’s a cumbersome and expensive procedure, but one that yields high-quality CBD. 

Hemp oil is much easier to produce and also inexpensive. Companies that can market hemp oil or hempseed oil as something closer to CBD oil can significantly increase the amount of money they make. Consumers are much more likely to pay more money for hemp oil if they incorrectly believe that it’s CBD oil. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to see hemp seed oil products covered in marijuana leaves and being advertised as cannabis products. While hemp seed oil may some nutritional benefits, it isn’t CBD oil and won’t have the same effects as a CBD oil product would. 

How do you tell the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil? 

The most important thing you can do is buy your CBD oil from reputable companies that offer laboratory reports backing up the quality of the CBD products. The scientific reports will tell you how much CBD is in the oil you’re purchasing. 

Another essential thing to check whenever you’re buying CBD oil is to check the ingredients list. If you are looking at a product and you’re not sure about it, then check out the ingredients listed on the label or packaging. 

Hemp oil will have the ingredient cannabis sativa seed oil listed. When you buy CBD oil products, you’re going to see that cannabidiol listed as one of the active ingredients as well as the concentration of cannabidiol in the CBD oil. 

It’s because CBD products are expanding at such a rapid pace that legislation is struggling to catch up. The majority of respectable CBD companies stand behind their products and are already going above regulations to ensure that not only do they provide their customers with a premium CBD product, but also education about CBD. 

Is CBD oil legal?

Any CBD products which contain less than 0.3% THC and made from hemp plants are legal at a federal level across the United States, but it’s crucial that you check with your local state laws. CBD products which are made from marijuana plants are illegal at a federal level, but legal in some states.  

It’s essential to check your local laws before purchasing any CBD products or before you travel to other states or countries with CBD or hemp products. 

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil: What’s the difference? Conclusion 

As you can see, there are some significant differences between CBD oil and hemp oil. It’s vital that you do your homework before paying exorbitant prices for something which isn’t going to deliver what you think it is. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is closely monitoring companies that are producing both CBD oil and hemp oil to ensure that consumers are getting safe products that aren’t labeled in a way to deceive consumers. 

This article in no way constitutes either legal or medical advice. It’s essential that you speak with your doctor or healthcare professional before ceasing, altering, or starting any new medication.

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