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How can Hemp-Based CBD Benefit Bodybuilders

CBD has been said to help in the management of a myriad of conditions like stress and anxiety, all of which - in a unique way - helps to maintain the optimal functioning of our body systems. Our focus this time is on another of its function, its ability to ease inflammation, quicken muscle recovery and reduce post-workout pain. This allows body builders to gain muscle mass without putting undue stress on the body.

CBD makes it easier for its users to rest well and reduce anxiety levels, as a period of rest and recovery is needed after a good draining session at the gym. Sleep is very important because the human body heals itself during this period of rest. As a matter of fact, insufficient levels of sleep have been associated with slower muscle recovery, stunted growths, accelerated weight gain, and a myriad of other conditions. CBD has the same calming and soothing effect without the ‘high’ or ‘couch-lock’ effect associated with associated with marijuana, so it can be used throughout the day, while still allowing you to maintain complete control of your body and mind. CBD continues to take over the fitness industry, as more people are adopting the use and recognizing its potentials.

Recent studies on CBD have found out that it reduces inflammation following exercise, and also improves mobility in people with multiple sclerosis. Inflammatory drugs have shown to cause a good deal of damage to the body when taken in excess or over an extended period of time, but CBD hasn’t been associated with the side effects commonly found in other anti-inflammatory drugs.  Further research has also shown that CBD has antispasmodic properties, which allows the substance to reduce muscle spasms that comes after a long and challenging session of workout. CBD also helps to regulate the catabolic hormones in the body - which causes muscle disintegration when in excess in the body, making it harder for your muscle mass to increase – and prevent over secretion. The body isn’t designed to naturally grow body mass and this is a very serious challenge for body builders. When the catabolic hormones in the body are secreted, they break down muscle tissues but CBD has been proven to successfully regulate the secretion of the hormone, preventing muscle disintegration and allowing body builders gain muscle mass faster. 

CBD also eases muscle tension, allowing blood to easily flow between the muscles, making repair and growth quicker. It also helps the muscles last longer during workout, as more blood flows through the muscles which delays fatigue. 

Body building is also not all about gaining muscle mass, but also about reducing the fat content of the body (weight loss). Higher fat content and obesity is associated with a huge number of health problems and can drastically affect the quality of life of a person, and the complications often lead to death.

CBD has been proven to help in the of regulation blood sugar, which causes the body to reduce the production of hormones that helps to store fat. This also improves the body ability to burn of fat as energy, delivering a double benefit to body builders hoping to cut down on fat and rather gain healthy muscle mass.

Initial research and anecdotal evidence also suggest that CBD can be helpful for appetite suppression, helping users cut down on unhealthy, fatty and calorie-saturated foods, allowing you reach your weight loss goals faster.

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