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Promoting a product can be a challenging job, especially if the brand or company has not broken through in the market yet. Promoting products and services are the only purpose of the marketing team of any company. 

While there exist plenty of options and methods to promote a product, it is always a gamble to expect any good results overall. 

It is a slow and overwhelming crawl towards popularity, but once the product is out there, it eventually circulates on its own. Promoting and advertising a product is solely responsible for the sales the product makes, and this decides the stocks of the company. 

A good promotion campaign can increase up to 7-15% of the companies stocks, so convincing people to buy the product is indeed a tough and expensive ordeal. 

Here, we have talked about different methods and ways in which you can promote your product with fruitful outcomes of the outreach. 

Best Ways To Promote A Product 

There are plenty of marketing principles that can be used to promote a product, heck most of the business schools try to teach similar techniques for their marketing students. But, most of these tactics are merely theoretical. Many times specific complicated and advanced marketing strategies fail miserably, while some elementary strategies seem to work out just fine. 

So here are a few methods in which one can promote their product and receive a successful response: 

1. Tell A Story About The Product 

Many marketers fail to promote their product despite using all the correct tools and measures in their favor. That is where they are making a huge mistake. No customer would want a product; they want an experience; they want a solution to a problem that may or may not exist. So, marketers must focus on selling experience with the product, rather than just the commodity. 

Once you introduce a story to the product, be it a small experience that has a humble and modest ending, or an emotion-filled story (preferably true) that engages the crowd and makes them wonder about the product. The story is all about making an impact on how the customer would perceive the problem, and this perception would give him/her the solution to your product. So, in a way with the right story attached to the product that fills all the correct emotional elements, it can do wonders for the product. 

If you happen to be an ambassador or affiliate, then you can always tell a story on how you got introduced to the brand and product and a little experience involving the product. Social media will eat the story up in no time, giving you the benefit of an increase in sales. 

2. Do Not Work Against The Brand Or Product You Are Promoting 

When promoting a product oftentimes, you have to be careful with the type of product and brand you are promoting. If the product you are trying to promote does not sync with most of the products from your brand, then that product might not do well. For instance, if Apple releases a car or if google goes into the construction business, their products and services might not work out that well.

Similarly, if you are an ambassador or an affiliate of a particular brand and company, always make sure that you are not indirectly going against the whole companies product and service. For example, if you are promoting a CBD extraction company, but at the same time you use a personal vape pen, not from that brand, the audience will take peg you a hypocrite and would lose faith in the product, and you. 

So always try getting through with all the products, services, and beliefs of the company you work for and avoid promoting an alien product that is nowhere close to the companies product range. 

3. Defy All Your Competitors 

Many times people say that do precisely what your competitors are doing, and eventually, consistency will lead you to success. It is a very debatable notion when it comes to marketing and promotion of products. Competitors are inevitable and will do whatever it takes to make sure their product is better than yours, so why not do something that they would never attempt. 

Nike is an example of such a company that did everything their competitors were not. Their marketing and advertising strategies used back in the day have laid down the foundation of modern advertising and marketing. Back in the 1970s, Nike was in heavy competition with Reebok. Knowing very well that Reebok was slowly taking over the market, and was advertising in a conventional way, Nike thought different and went another route. 

Not until 1973 when Nike hired their first celebrity athlete ambassador, who at the time was a famous Romanian tennis player known as Ilie Nastase, was known as the best tennis player at the time. Soon after Nastase’s endorsement, Nike signed Steve Prefontaine, a track runner. These athletes increased the companies revenue, which reached nearly $270 million. 

This tactic was not used by Nike's major competitors, and to this day, Nike is known to be a powerhouse of marketing. 


Marketing is a gambit, but at the same time, with significant risks come big rewards, so promoting the right product uniquely and smartly can increase sales exponentially. Try to use social media to your advantage and the various streaming tools that come with it. 

But if you want to gain some experience in this field, then you can always go for various affiliate programs for modest companies. 

These programs let you sell and promote the products of these companies in return for a commission. Xtracted CBD is a brand that is new to the market but is creating waves amongst the people. Getting started at such a place can do wonders for your experience and skills. So, do not waste time and apply for their affiliate program today. 

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