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Selling a product is by far the toughest job for an upcoming company. The first sale of the product is a very challenging ordeal, and if done wrong can hinder the growth of the company and affect the reputation. 

That is why the first sale is equally important and at the same time, is something that has to be learned through experience and determination. 

The first sale is a right of passage for any entrepreneur, and once the individual sets into the flow of selling, then there is no stopping him/her. Most of the time, it is tough to land the first customer you visit, so do not let your confidence take a plunge if the sale does not go as planned. 

There are plenty of theoretical ways in which selling a product can be made easy, but at the end of the day, it is all about the product, how you interact and pitch the product and how you tackle rejection. Consistency is usually key in such fields, and over time, with enough experience, selling products will become a mere game for you. 

5 Easy Ways To Make Your First Sale

Making the first sale anywhere can be a tough job, be it online or offline. Here are a few tips that might help you make the sale more easily and smoothly. 

1. Choose The Right Product  

Before selling a product, you have to know what you are selling, how will the people react to the product, and if that product any good or not. As an affiliate, ambassador, or salesperson, you must know the product is its very last detail. 

It is ideal for promoting a product that syncs with your niche and the targeted crowd. For instance, if you happen to be a musician, then you can be an ambassador for a company that sells music-related commodities. 

2. Make Good Quality Content

Being an affiliate means that you have to be discreet and subtle about the product you are trying to promote. Influencers and other public ambassadors have to keep in mind that they are not a private advertising agency for the company, but rather just a popular figure who can get the word of the product out there. 

So while making content or even while pitching at times, you can add stories, experiences, and other visual cues that will plug in the product in a not so obvious manner. This way, the quality of your content will not go down but rather might increase. 

3. Write Product Reviews Or Blogs 

It is a rather orthodox method of selling, but it is compelling indeed. Being an affiliate or ambassador, you can start writing reviews on the products that you use and other competitors of the company you are hired by. 

It does not matter what your method of promotion is, but writing blogs increase traffic to and brings a lot of people to the companies page. It works out for the company as well as you, as long as you write honest and positive reviews on the products. 

4. Build An Audience 

If you have finally decided on a product that you are passionate about and that suits your content, now is the time to build an audience for the product. 

Getting the audience to consider purchasing the product is a tough job but, if you make quality content that caters to the audience, then you can continue to build that audience by continually engaging in giveaways and other games. 

Here, as long as the audience is engaging in your content, they will be looking at the product too. 

5.   Be Honest, Helpful and Transparent 

Sometimes when being discreet about the product that has to be sold is not really working in your favor, try going for other affiliate programs or be honest and transparent about the product. 

Many times, certain brands will force you to only praise the merchandise and not say anything negative about it, but these days many people are simply transparent about the company, product, and its advantages and disadvantages. It builds trust amongst your views and audiences and will help you maintain your reputation. 

So once you have decided on checking all the above points out, you are good to go on the selling spree. After carefully trying out all these tactics, when a new product arrives, all you have to do is repeat all of the above methods again and again. 

Always remember that consistency in sales can do wonders for the product and company. 

But being an affiliate and promoting can be hard at times. Continuously promoting products on the preferred platform can be misunderstood into you being an advertiser for the product, that’s why always give priority to your content first and then the product. 


Once you get the hang of it, selling can be enjoyable. The company that you are associated with can end up giving you a large chunk of commission with various incentives. So, the first affiliate commission might require a bit of work, but when you know the flow, you can sell anything with ease. 

Companies like Xtracted CBD  have very attractive and comfortable affiliate and ambassador programs. Being relatively new to the market, this company is creating waves across audiences and customers, so getting a start from such a company can help you build your audience, marketing experience and can fetch you a few dollars on the way. 

Xtracted CBD has a very easy and simple affiliate program; all you need to do is go to their webpage, apply as an affiliate, and then choose the type of product you will be comfortable selling. Once you get signed, your initial commission can be up to 35% on each sale. So, apply today! 

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