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Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular forms of marketing today. Since the rise of social media and famous personalities that appeal to a particular crowd, every small and large brand is resorting to this modern form of marketing. 

This method does not require much groundwork like most other marketing jobs and still yield good results at the end. 

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing has become a very active job that works as a base income for many people, people who are famous to a small demographic, and or people who are well known for their talents on social media. 

Ideally, affiliate marketing has an excellent potential to increase company revenue, and though it is just another form of advertisement, it has proven to be successful. 

The capitalistic world holds plenty of voids to fill when it comes to affiliates and ambassadors. Most of the companies that hire such affiliate marketers are the ones that have a specific product or a target audience they try to pitch their product to. 

Before hiring an affiliate marketer, the company will make sure that the affiliate has an influence on the target audience and also should be an advocate of the product. 

For instance, let us take a CBD company, most of the products of this company are medicinal based and other oils, creams, and cosmetics that are made from extracting CBD from the required plants, knowing very well that a large number of people might be against it, but at the same time some people are in favor of these types of products as well. 

So the company will want to hire an affiliate who uses the product as well as advocates, convinces, and persuades people into buying it through their influence and tactics. 

As simple as it sounds, this type of marketing can be a little daunting to people who have stepped into this game for the first time, or who might be looking forward to entering into this field.

Here are a few methods in which one can get started as an affiliate marketer or ambassador. 

How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

The overall purpose of affiliate marketing is to increase the sales of a particular product or service or sometimes even to generate traffic for online businesses. Before becoming an affiliate, people have to keep a few things in mind; these are: 

1. Pick The Correct Affiliate Network 

Choosing the right product or service to sell, a suitable network to target and the right company that respects your work, can be confusing and at times, even frustrating. But since there is a market out there and you have what it takes to be an affiliate marketer, you must first choose the right product you would want to advertise. 

Consider the same example as earlier, if there is a CBD extraction company that sells digital products like ebooks on methods of extraction and other online information and subscriptions to their services are an excellent commodity to earn off of. 

Because these types of products can get you a commission from 15%-75% single-handedly (but these products do not cost as much). That is because customers prefer paying good amounts for digital information as this commodity becomes available to them instantly after the payment. 

However, when you think of selling other physical products for the same company like CBD oil, CBD gummies, or CBD nano softgels, you can earn a decent commission from 10% - 45%. Here the commission quote is relatively less because customers do not prefer purchasing items and then waiting for them for a long time. So picking what product would be a good option is a key aspect of this getting started in affiliate marketing. 

2. Consider Buying And Using The Product Before Advertising It

There is no compulsion that you have to purchase and use every product you try to promote, but at the same time, it can prove to be very useful in developing trust and legitimacy amongst your audience if you do use the product and give your positive opinion on it. 

For informational products like ebooks and digital information, you can gain credibility by writing product reviews and other opinion articles on that product. It exponentially increases trust with the audience and hence can generate large amounts of traffic. 

Once you become experienced enough in this field, many creators will themselves contact you and lend you product samples to write reviews and opinions on. 

When a physical commodity like the CBD oil is the promoted product, then the affiliate can talk about his/her experience with the product or can demonstrate a social media depiction of using the product. With this, the affiliate can promote the product and gain a lot of reliability from the audience when it comes to similar products. 

3. Use Social Media As Much As You Can 

Social media is a far more useful tool for any publicity, and using this for marketing can only do wonders for the business and the affiliate. Many sites and platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are sensational methods to get the word of the product out there. It again comes under the simple principle of word of mouth but has a modern edge to it. 

Affiliates can make viral content that promotes the products and can even give live demonstrations on how to use the product. Case studies on the product are a similar method of getting customers involved in the product. 

Today, almost 80-90% of the affiliate marketers use YouTube and Instagram as their ideal sources for audiences and customers. The best thing about social media is that even if you do not have a niche crowd yet if you market the product frequently, then the audience will eventually find their way to you. 


Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways of earning money while portraying your desired talents on social media or through blogs. Many companies out there rely on affiliates for their sales and eventually receive a decent response. 

Xtracted CBD is a similar company that believes that affiliate marketing is a mighty weapon when it comes to marketing and pays generously to affiliates through their affiliate program. People can simply sign up for their affiliate program and have the freedom to promote digital information as well as products. 

The initial commission on each sale is up to 10% and can increase with time. So, put the medal to the pedal and become an affiliate with Xtracted CBD today

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