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We’ve both worked in the fitness and nutritional supplement spaces for years, but our interest in CBD actually arose from our shared personal interest in weight training and bodybuilding.

That may not sound like the most intuitive reason to start a business, but here’s how it happened. Weight training and bodybuilding both revolve around the core principle of pushing your body to its limit, pushing it past its limits and then recovering in such a way that when your body heals, it’s stronger.

The recovery part of the cycle should be just as deliberate as the workout, and that’s where we found CBD to be really helpful. It relieved soreness and stiffness when applied topically, but it also helped us relax and sleep better when taken as a supplement – and sleep is the most important part of your body’s recovery cycle.

But there were (and still are) so many different brands, dosages, and formulations of CBD, and that’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing in that you have a lot of options, and a curse in that it can be overwhelming for a newcomer to try to wade through all the labels, claims and marketing to get to the real science behind what CBD can and can’t do for them, and which formulation is the most effective for their body; because as with finance, relationships, fashion, and pretty much everything else in the world, what works for one person won’t necessarily work for everyone.

So we made it a personal mission to learn as much about CBD as possible so that we could use it most effectively for ourselves. Pretty soon, we found ourselves giving a lot of other people advice about it because they knew that we had actual experience with it. If you just do a quick Google search on CBD, it’s easy to conclude that it does everything from curing cancer (spoiler: it doesn’t) to giving you the ability to see through time (doesn’t do that either.) And so we found ourselves wishing that we could send everyone to one website that had all the information someone would need to understand CBD, how it could potentially help them, and where they could also buy the cleanest, pure, and most consistently high-quality CBD products possible. That single destination wasn’t out there yet, so we decided to make it ourselves–and that’s how Xtracted CBD was born.

The mission of Xtracted is simply to help more people find more ways to feel better–and we hope you’ll be one of those people.

- Brian Lowell and Jacob Ellis, Co-Founders

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