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We get a lot of inquiries from people who are excited about the health benefits of CBD and want to help others find high-quality CBD products they can trust. A lot of those people end up joining our affiliate marketing team–and perhaps you’re the very next one.


That’s it in a nutshell. People often think it’s more complicated than it really is because “affiliate marketing” is a lot of syllables. But you can’t always judge by syllable count. For instance, “love” is a one-syllable word, but that can get all kinds of complicated.

Is becoming an affiliate a good idea for you?

Well, you’re still reading, so the odds are pretty decent. But here’s a breakdown.

You’re probably a good candidate if:

  • You have a website or social media account that gets a fair amount of traffic.
  • You like the idea of helping people get healthy, natural products that make them feel good.
  • You like getting paid for things.

It’s probably NOT for you if:

  • Your website gets 3 visits a day and 2 of them are you.
  • You believe that hemp is an evil plant.
  • You hate money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Search our Database of Frequently Asked Questions below.

Unfortunately, Xtracted CBD cannot. However, we would love to connect you with our partners over at AllureSocial - let them know Xtracted CBD sent you for some affordable pricing options!

We do accept affiliates who do not have a website. Simply use one or more of your social media URLs as your website link in the application. Your social media URL can be your Facebook/ Instagram profile.

If you're interested in getting your own website designed & developed, we encourage you to visit our partner BreatheHTML - let them know Xtracted CBD sent you for some affordable pricing options!

We reserve the right to cancel any affiliate account, at any time, for any reason. However, in most cases, we only do see when there was a breach in our Terms of Use, we notice no further account activity for long periods of time, or there was a specific request to do so by the account owner.

We are looking for hardworking, motivated individuals who are willing to learn and grow with us!

You will receive a custom email sent to the email listed in your application, notifying you of the approval, as well as an email from the affiliate manager providing your login credentials. 

Please be sure to double-check your spam/junk folder just in case.

If you are certain you did not receive an email, please Contact Us for assistance.

From the moment a user clicks on your unique URL, our cookies stay active for 45-days.

The app tracks users on our site who were referred (by clicking on your unique link) by your affiliate. When such user visits our site, a cookie is stored on the user’s computer, so the program knows that this is an affiliated user even if the user doesn't make an order right away - cookies are stored for 45 days.

When a user makes an order on our site, the application checks if this client has a cookie, i.e. its a client referred by an affiliate. If it’s true, it marks the order in the database for the affiliate who referred the user.

Our Affiliate Platform runs off Affiliatly.

At this time Xtracted CBD only processes payouts through Paypal.

Yes, your account must reach at least $50 before a payout is authorized.

You will receive a 15% commission on every order processed using your unique affiliate URL.
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